Because time is money

Payroll and Employer of Record Services (EOR/AOR)

By using Broadbase as our EOR partner, you gain expertly developed and managed programs for onboarding, classifying and deploying a contingent workforce. We can provide you the technology, business analytics, and services to seamlessly deploy your self-sourced talent. You’ll be freed from concerns over business insurance requirements, ability to manage risk and/or working capital

What is 'Professional Payrolling' exactly?

Using contingent personnel (e.g. freelancers, independent contractors and consultants) can be a nice flexible solution to staffing but can have a serious impact on your time and money. In this case it’s in your best interest to use Broadbase as the "Employer of Record".

Less risk and less headaches...

The most agile companies use Payrolling/Employer of Record services because it takes a lot off their plate. It allows you to focus on what you do best and leave the hiring/payroll/benefits stuff to us.

In terms of risk-reduction, using Broadbase for payroll reduces co-employment liabilities and worker misclassification.

As an employer, you can save on costs associated with employee benefits, some CRA remittances, the cost of credit to fund payroll and pension costs.

Already know who you want to hire?

Hiring (or re-hiring) can save you money by using Broadbase as the 'employer of record' and if we didn't perform the "search", the fee for being the employer of record is minimal. Why not avoid paying full-service agency fees when you can?

You can also reduce time to hire for known/previously employed talent through our automated online enrollment and automated employment screening tools.

How it works:

Our dedicated onboarding specialists and online tools take on the burden of onboarding new employees freeing up time that your hiring managers and HR staff can use for other mission-critical tasks. By leveraging our proprietary web-based solution and integrated back-office procedures, we can significantly reduce your administrative burden and free up valuable resources (e.g. from taxes to time and expenses to consolidated billing).

We significantly reduce the effort involved in hiring an employee (like employment forms, storing ID and Banking Information), or enabling contract employees to record hours worked and hiring managers to approve those hours, because our backoffice team processes those hours, administers necessary tax deductions then issues payment.

By using Broadbase as the employer of record you can achieve immediate savings between $10,000-$15,000 per contractor.

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