About Pre-Employment Tests

The deal with Pre-employment testing...

The idea of pre-employment testing is not a new one. It’s been part of the employment process for many decades, but the methods used and level of insight gained have changed drastically. Throw in the prevalence of social media (and the fact that many employers will review a candidate’s facebook/Instagram/twitter feed, as well) and you’ve got a complicated dynamic at play.

Social media can offer a skewed version of a candidate’s personality, and while it may be tempting it is much more objective and efficient to use proper pre-employment tests to get a sense of a person’s strengths, weaknesses and general aptitude and interests. Personality, aptitude and cognitive testing are the three pillars of pre-employment testing. Depending on the role and type of candidate required, some may be more relevant than others but each has their merits.

The scientific method!

Not all tests are created equal, but to apply one test to multiple people is far more scientific than phoning people and having a chat where there’s much less data to compare to another interview (unless you somehow ask the exact same questions AND ask every question in the same way) and all test data can be job-related as opposed to a ‘chat’ that can veer off-topic easily. Over time the data can be compiled to allow for certain averages or standards to be referenced as well.

Tests also save you time. They help reduce the number of applicants you need to interview by screening out those who don’t possess the right mix of skills/experience. They also give you concrete reasons why someone is not suited to a role, or is qualified (rather than potentially biased personal decisions made by the interviewer).

Yay, there are a lot of options.
Ugh, there are a lot of options.

This is both a good and bad aspect of testing… there are tests that don’t work very well and ones that do. It does take some research to figure out what makes sense for your needs, but the idea of testing, the process of using tests is sound.

The other aspect to be mindful of is that tests are specific so do not give a well-rounded profile on their own. They are best employed with other criteria to really get a comprehensive and useful picture of a potential candidate. This may mean you use multiple tests, or tests combined with personal interviews or some other job-specific tasks or examples. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ scenario unfortunately.

To figure out what makes the most sense for your requirements, learn more about pre-employment testing or just get in touch with us - we're here to help.

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