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Join the BHR team.

You have the skills and experience. You want to share that experience with other organizations as a full-time consultant or use some of your spare time to freelance. Joining our roster may provide the flexibility you are looking for. However, we're not just looking for ANYONE... we want experienced Human Resources subject matter experts (SMEs) and Corporate Recruiters who can hit the ground running.

What do you get out of it?

Great question. You would work on individual consulting engagements or recruitment campaigns and receive a competitive hourly rate, or commissions for successful placements. Work when you feel like it and only on jobs that suit your expertise.

How it works

Apply to one of the two postings below so we know who you are and what you can do. We will contact you to discuss your area of expertise, availabilty, etc. Then you're all set and ready to get going! We will notify you of upcoming engagements that could be a good match.

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HR Consultants

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